Four Ideas on Displaying your Precious Collections at Home

One of the joys of being a collector is being able to showcase the precious stuff that you have acquired over the years. Whether it’s a vintage comics collection, toys, or some delicate pieces you have been buying from Astier de Villatte online shops, it is fun to put them together for everyone else to appreciate. The thing is you do not have to have a studio or gallery to display your collection; sometimes your home is the perfect place to showcase them.

Here are some ideas when displaying your collection at home.

Install overhead shelves

Shelves are classic storage for different things. If you have a collection that you want to use as living space accent, you can never go wrong with overhead shelves. They are perfect for collections of long play records, medium-sized framed pop arts, and ceramics. As they occupy a prime spot in a room, these shelves can highlight your collection easily.

Display them on tables

Tables provide ample space for collections. You can set them against a wall or near a window. Tables are a great place to display your collection of vases, figurines, clocks, antiques, and many more. What’s more, they come in different sizes and can be customized according to how much of your collection you plan to display on them.

Stick them on peg boards

A peg board is a great place to display collections of small objects and trinkets. Peg boards are a nice way to show your postcard, ticket, or stamp collections. You just need to hang them on a wall and you already have an instant center of attraction and an interesting conversation starter for when you have guests.

Hang them in picture frames

Picture frames are also wonderful place to put your precious treasures together. Things you can put in them include old and foreign coins and banknotes, keys, medals, and even horseshoes. What’s great about picture frames as collection gallery is you can find them in different sizes; they allow you to easily transfer your collection to any place in the house; and they protect your stuff.

Go and display your precious collection today using these ideas.

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